Mountains of Madness / 調査対象■■■山脈 (Yutaka Kinjo, Urabe Rocinante, Yamaide Kazuhito)

Mountains of Madness

"To date, two investigation teams have been dispatched, but they have not been able to reach the summit." - Author's description

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Instructions: In each level, ten cards are dealt face down. To clear the level, a player has to collect three step points and reach the "Goal". Player reveals cards one at a time. Everytime the player reveals a card, the effect of the card is resolved.

Before the start of a level, you are given an overview of the cards that will be dealt. These can be mountain cards (+1 step), Cthulhu cards (+5% madness), rain and snow cards (minus X number of steps).

During the level overview, you can also use items from your pouch to prevent any negative cards from taking effect. Each item will cancel the effect of one card only. Any items selected for a level which were unused will be discarded.

You will also have opportunities to replenish these items between levels. The rewards vary - you may only select one type, and the quantity could be more or less from one level to the next. Weather conditions also affect the type and quantity of cards in a level.

You lose the game immediately if your insanity meter reaches 100%.