Warp Door exists in a transitive state, between dimensions, like an observatory in the middle of nowhere.*

Its interests include computer art, glitches, small and strange games, cute pocket dimensions, dolphin viruses, people.

It was founded by Tim W. and Chris Priestman in February 2014.

Warp Door has no advertisements and is funded entirely through Patreon by the kindness of people. You can also support Warp Door with a small donation, but it is not required to view it, or even participate in discussions it may encourage.

You can support Tim here: http://www.patreon.com/timw

You can support Chris here: http://www.patreon.com/cpriestman

You can support Gnome here: http://www.patreon.com/gnome

You can support Luca via PayPal donation

General Contact:

Email: warpdoor@gmail.com
Twitter: @warpdoor


Tim W
Email: weetim@gmail.com
Twitter: @weetim

Chris Priestman
Email: priestmanchris@gmail.com
Twitter: @CPriestman

Gnome (Konstantinos Dimopoulos)
Email: konstantinos.dimopoulos@gmail.com
Twitter: @gnomeslair

Joel Couture
Email: joeldcouture@gmail.com
Twitter: @Joel_Couture

Luca Colosso
Email: luceandbeyond@gmail.com
Twitter: @Wisheez

Claudio Medina
Email: missthetarget@gmail.com
Twitter: @missthetarget

Lewie Procter
Twitter: @LewieP

Chloi Rad
Email: chloi.games@gmail.com
Twitter: @_chloi

Email: hira@heartofhiraeth.net
Twitter: @heartofhiraeth

Matthew Fuller
Twitter: @MatthewHFuller

Corey Hardt
Email: coreyhardt1@gmail.com
Twitter: @corey_hardt


  • Warp Door judges nobody.

  • Warp Door will sit next to you on a rainy day, silent but comfortable.

  • Warp Door delves into the lesser known parts of the internet, past and present, in order to share with you the peculiarities of human-machine connections.

If you like videogames then you will like Warp Door. It already likes you.

*It's really just a website that shares and discusses videogames, artists, and other materials relevant to its interests.