Dread X Collection 3

"Experience 12 all-new spoopy games made exclusively for this unique horror anthology!" - Author's description

Purchase on Steam (Windows)

Full playthrough on YouTube (SPOOKWARE @ The Video Store by Adam Pype and Viktor Kraus)

Full playthrough on YouTube (Bete Grise by Amon Twentysix)

Full playthrough on YouTube (Chip's Tips by Torple Dook)

Full playthrough on YouTube (SATO WONDERLAND by Nate Berens)

Disc Room

"The year is 2089 and a giant disc has appeared in orbit of Jupiter. Step into the oversized space suit of a brave scientist and explore this sprawling intergalactic slaughterhouse." - Author's description

Download demo/purchase on Steam (Windows, Mac)

Download demo/purchase on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Demo playthrough on YouTube

10mg Collection

"10 doses of stimulating, new, and creative gameplay, each designed to be a single 10 minute session in length." - Author's description

Purchase on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Purchase on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Full playthrough on YouTube (Always Down by Stuffed Wombat)