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"Zenzizenzic is a high paced, adrenaline infused, abstract, challenging and addictive twin stick shoot 'em up bullet hell game for Windows, Mac and Linux! It features a beautiful, cohesive and abstract art style combined with thrilling, addictive one and two player gameplay along with a soundtrack that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping!" - Author's description

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Psychosomatica Optima


"Steer Yuuki between deadly bullets.

Epilepsy warning!!" - Author's description

Why play it? Psychosomatica Optima is, gameplay-wise, a simple top-down shooter. Though aesthetically, it manages to shine for its psychedelical visual effects as well the great electronic soundtrack that seems to dictate also the enemies' moves. Even with the difficulty set to easy I've had a lot of troubles to go past the level 2. However, I sense that it's just been the obvious result of my tremendously poor skills at such games. -Luca

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