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Axis Descending (Mars Ashton)

"The demo for a cancelled Metroidvania project that won the Taco Bell Feed the Beta award and was exhibited throughout the states during 2015-2017. It is the subject of a talk by its creator, Mars Ashton, regarding the development of a project in an abandoned game engine that defined independent game development as we know it today." - Author's description

Download demo on itch.io (Windows)

Tower of Babel

"Tower of Babel is an atmospheric randomly generated metroidvania puzzle platformer. Try to climb up as high as possible." - Author's description

Author's note: "This game is still in development. Feedback is welcome.

You can use the feedback thread here to tell us what you think."

Download on itch.io (Windows, Linux)

Inescapable (Magnetic Realms)


"Unravel the mystery uncovered by a remote interplanetary mining operation. What did they find? What threat does it pose? And ultimately, what does it truly mean to be a hero?" - Author's description

Why play it? Lovecraftian sci-fi platformers with quality writing are a rare thing; even more so when they have the quirks and look of an Amiga game. - Gnome

Buy it for $4.99 on Steam (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Buy it for $4.99 on the dev's site (Windows, Linux, Mac)


"The station was used to preserve unique species and natural environments. It was abandoned several decades ago. The main engine began to malfunction due to unknown reasons, and was shut down. However, we have been receiving signal from the station as of late. Investigating the station will be dangerous but necessary. To avoid casualties, we've sent our most durable explorer robot for the mission..." - Author's description

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