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that day we left

That Day We Left (Inner Void Interactive)

> "That Day We Left is a game inspired by the recent Syrian crisis, aiming to portray the terrible journey of immigrants and refugees." - Author's description [] Support on Kickstarter [] Download prototype [
a house of many doors

A House of Many Doors (Harry Tuffs)

> "Explore the House, a parasite dimension of cities and secrets. A nonlinear exploration RPG for PC, packed with story and lore." - Author's description [] Download pre-alpha demo here [] Support on Kickstarter []

H. P. Lovecraft: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Senscape)

> "Travel back to vintage Providence and face horrors lurking underneath in the first official game based on the work of the famed writer." - Author's description [] Support on Kickstarter [] Follow on Steam Greenlight [