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Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars

"rebellion on mars! the spider-queen's harem of consensual slaves are up in arms and it's up to her to recapture them, armed with a magical staff that fires bondage lasers." - Author's description

Author's note: "this is the TOTALLY UNCENSORED version of the game, and is not recommended for people who are uncomfortable with the thought of a half-human half-arachnid space dominatrix eschewing a bra."

Purchase for $5 on itch.io (Windows, Mac)

In The Kingdom

"In The Kingdom is a twisted retro first person shooter inspired by the classic titles like Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Rise Of The Triad, and Chasm. Explore the hellish ruins of a forgotten castle fortress poisoned by dark magic and evil forces. Survive to the last and discover a new destiny." - Author's description

Purchase for $5 on itch.io (Windows, Mac)