Warp Door's July 2023 Round-Up

Warp Door's July 2023 Round-Up

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July has come and gone, and during the month, we found some great new games to showcase here on Warp Door. We've had a pastry-themed puzzle game, an epic inventory hero, and a cute pet sim involving a three-headed creature?! Yes, it's been quite the mix of fun and interesting games, and we recommend you check them all out!

Have a browse through our entire selection below. And if you want to find more convenient collections of games such as this check out our round-up tag.

Tail & Trails (Mojiken Studio)


"Take your pet for a walk to Sunset Peak and gift them presents you've found along the way to uplift their gloomy heart." - Author's description

Download demo on itch.io (Windows)

Princess Paladin (Wouter van Vugt)


"In this reversed dungeon crawler you are not the main character, just the measly sidekick! Try to keep up with the princess as you avoid enemies and hand her the items she needs in her battle against evil!" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Browser)

Kalikan (LouieChapm)


"Kalikan is a vertically scrolling bullet hell 'shmup inspired by Dodonpachi- pushing the limits of virtual hardware." - Author's description

Play on itch.io / Purchase to download (Browser, Windows, Mac, Linux)

Underlevel (Stepford)


"Underlevel is a game where you play as a horde of skeletons while a player is raiding the dungeon, trying to get as much XP as they can so they level up and potentially kill the boss at the end - it's your job to stop that from happening." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Browser)

Inventory The Hero (alxgrade, denorelli2, lampy, Joahmie, oxeren, Inkunagi, IcecreamPeppery)


"[One-handed Bag of Great Intelligence (+3)], the last conscious member of the party, the leader role is now yours! Get yourself back, while dealing with monsters attracted to lingering human scent." - Author's description

Play / download on itch.io (Windows, Browser)

Mai-Chan's Sweet Buns (Krystman)


"Mai-Chan's Sweet Buns is a puzzle game about pastries. Our goal is to help Mai-Chan serve her sweet buns to customers at her bakery." - Author's description

Play here (Browser)

Thunder Strike (Blasin)


"⚡️🔨 Master the Thunder Hammer and send the monsters packing in one swing!" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Puzzledorf (Stuarts Pixel Games)


"Can you escape the land of puzzles?" - Author's description

Purchase on Steam (Windows)