Warp Door's September 2016 Round Up

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Bones are rousing. Spirits are stirring. The cobwebs between gravestones grow gray and hungry. An ancient growl in the woods heard by a lone traveler. They stop, sudden. Hot breath on the back of the neck. Teeth scratching soft skin. Claws shredding flesh, red. Yes, we are in October; the spookiest month of all. But before jumping head-first into the jaws of terror, let's take a look back at September and see what it brought us.

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sleepthrough (Andrea Pignataro)


"I just lay here, in my bed,
with my mind stuck by a fear I can't define." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)

See you later Jeanne (Gabrielle Barboteau, Michaƫl Morgan)

See you later Jeanne

"A lo-fi text-based adventure game about Minitel's "messageries roses", erotic chatrooms animated by paid hostess during the 90's." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Dandelion (Mind Echoes)


"Dandelion is a short experimental game, controlled by blowing on the microphone." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac)

RescueDog (MrGrak)


"play a bouncy, happy puppy trapped in a cave with your human companion. " - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)

Super Blood Hockey (Loren Lemcke)

Super Blood Hockey

"Super Blood Hockey is a violent homage to classic 8-bit and 16-bit ice hockey games. " - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)

Karambola (Agata Nawrot)


"In the middle of the summer, a pack of evil bird-thoughts
attacked a peaceful village of emotional fruit people." - Author's description

Play on itch.io (Browser)

MANDAGON (Blind Sky Studios)


"Explore Mandagon, a world inspired by Tibetan theology and philosophy." - Author's description

Download on Steam (Windows, Mac)

Alone in Pico (Antoine Zanuttini)

Alone in Pico

"The idea of making a Pico 8 demake of the classic cult game Alone In The Dark started at Halloween 2015." - Author's description

Play here (Browser)

Play on itch.io (Browser)

H.O.M.E. (Dan McGrath)

H.O.M.E. (Dan McGrath)

"Seek out a New Earth in a seemingly endless and dead universe. Travel to different Galaxies and scan planets for the correct evolutionary traits, climate and gasses to find a new Home." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)

No Stars, Only Constellations (Robert Yang, Liz Ryerson)

No Stars, Only Constellatons

"first person stargazing date game about breaking-up and alien life" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

The Awakening (Luisdementia, Kastchey, Grok)

The Awakening

"Strapped to a medical tank in a seemingly abandoned facility with no recollection of what had happened, Subject #16 must find his way to escape this dreadful place and locate his Masters in order to survive." - Author's description

Download here (Windows)

Final Moon - Famine Arc (DustySquirrel)

Final Moon - Famine Arc

"Some think they can easily survive a famine. But can you?" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)

beads of orange glass (loren schmidt)

beads of orange glass

"beads of orange glass is a wordless storytelling game. two players with different but equal roles collaboratively shape the space within the game." - Author's description

Purchase on itch.io (Windows)

Gamebuoy (seaharvest)


"eat strawberries and play hide and seek with angels!" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)

Marlowe's Path (Critical Mammal)

Marlowe's Path

"You aren't alone, your partner is there to keep you company." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Memoir En Code: Reissue (Kalopsia)

Memoir En Code: Reissue (Kalopsia)

"Memoir En Code: Reissue is an autobiographical game album. Designed to be experienced similarly to a music album, this short experimental game explores different bits of the author's life." - Author's description

Purchase on Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Purchase on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Purchase on Humble (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Hello Charlotte EP1 (etherane)

Helo Charlotte EP1

"Dive deep into horrors of junk food, TV world, religion and romance novels for middle-age women. Keep your puppet safe at all times. Or don't." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)

Moon River (Guillaume)

Moon River

"The player is locked in the screenplay : when he crosses the boundaries, he finds himself teleported to the other side of the screen." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)