Warp Door's May 2016 Round Up

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Birds are flocking, both in the sky as we approach the solstice, and in the virtual stratospheres of at least two of the games in this round-up. Robots and towering urban structures alike are aroused by your presence in another two of these games. And yet more dreamlike spores of architecture seem to emerge from oceans and flat planes of rock for you to view and admire.

Have a browse through our entire selection below. And if you want to find more convenient collections of games such as this check out our round-up tag.

Mushrooms Red As Meat (ACGodliman)

Mushrooms Red As Meat

"A short journey around fading memories." - Author's description

Play on itch.io (Browser)

Shape Soup (Jeroen Wimmers)

Shape Soup

"Touch identical shapes " - Author's description

Play here (Browser)

Download on itch.io (Browser)

The Maitre D (Barney Cumming, Dave Lloyd, Jon Murphy, Paul Dal Pozzo, Louis Meyer, Adrian Vaughan)

The Maitre D

"As the Maitre D' at a fancy French brasserie, it's your job to ensure patrons encounter the best service imaginable. Worm your way in with the hoity-toity by showing them their seats! " - Author's description

Download here (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Tectr (Silverstring Media)


"Tectr is a game about thirsty architecture, buildings that want you inside them." - Author's description

Author's note: "Tectr was made for Global Game Jam 2016. It is strictly adults only and NSFW."

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

dröm (Danny Gallagher)

"dröm is a daydream simulator. You can use the mouse to move around the clouds and try to match them up with the shapes you will see." - Author's description

Download & play it here (Browser, Windows, Mac)

VA DA (Mason Lindroth)


"VA DA is a trivial animation/drawing​ program. " - Author's description

Play here (Browser)

Play on itch.io (Browser)

Experiment 26 (Experiment 26)

Experiment 26

"By: Richard Perrin, Lyndsey Moulds, Mattias Gustavsson, Kyle Reimergartin, Jonathan Brodsky, Ian MacLarty, Rob Fearon, terrytheplatypus, Lee Shang Lun, Tom Smith, Blueberry Soft, Matthew Gatland, mchaza, Eddie Cameron, empty fortress, Nicholas Ralabate, Sergio Cornaga, James Earl Cox III, Nik Sudan, nuuup, Lance James, Michael Lawrence, Jimmy Andrews, John Bujalski, Guilherme Tows, and Armel Gibson" - Author's description

Author's note: "A FOLLOW-UP TO - EXPERIMENT 12 -"

Download on itch.io (Windows)

Stellar Sweep (electricgryphon)

Stellar Sweep

"Clean the skies of sector Q97-C with your trusty mining laser." - Author's description

Play here (Browser)

Cobra Club HD (Robert Yang)

Cobra Club HD

"New features include completely new dick, pubic hair, strap-on support, and hopefully the "disco ball dick" bug is fixed" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Haunted Cities (Kitty Horrorshow)

Haunted Cities

"A free collection of three short, experimental games previously released as monthly rewards for Kitty Horrorshow's Patreon" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Stroke (James Coffey)


"gaze in awe at the beauty that is stroke" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac)

Moveless Chess (Nico Saraintaris, Aikalen)

Moveless Chess

"Play chess without moving your pieces" - Author's description

Play here (Browser)

The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne (Andrea Ayres)

The Average Everyday Adventures of Samantha Browne

"an interactive story about a painfully introverted college student who has to make oatmeal in the communal kitchen of her dorm." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Download on Steam (Windows, Mac)

Download on the App Store (iOS)

Nova Alea (Molleindustria)

"For its dwellers, Nova Alea was a mixture of shelters, connections, memories, longings. For its masters, the city was a matrix of financial abstractions." - Author's description

Download it here (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Void Pyramid (Willy Elektrix)

Void Pyramid

"Void Pyramid is a post-apocalyptic RPG set in the spacefaring Egyptian empire." - Author's description

Download here (Windows)

Download here (Mac)

Download on Google Play (Android)

Download on the OUYA store (OUYA)


Imbroglio (Michael Brough)


"Survive in an ever-shifting labyrinth filled with vicious monsters and valuable gemstones." - Author's description

Purchase for $3.99 on the App Store (iOS)

PLLUG (carpetbones, rabbit girl)


"You must find your way out of this underground city and get back to the surface." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)

In Search of Paradise (Henrik Hermans)

In Search of Paradise

"Far from the metropolises of the modern world, to one of the lesser-visited stretches of the American interstate system, a traveler has arrived, in search of Paradise." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)


Brume (Robin Moretti)


"Alone in the mist, you are trying to find your path." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac)

StoryTeller (Rubén Calles, Celer G. D., Martín Tayx)


"Create your own story choosing between many different events" - Author's description

Download on Game Jolt (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Mu Cartographer (Titouan Millet)

Mu Cartographer

"Manipulate an abstract machine

To shape and explore colourful landscapes

And find the mysteries hidden in a shifting world" - Author's description

Purchase for $5 on itch.io (Windows, Mac)


ᗢ (takorii, kat)


"kat & tak" - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac)

These Monsters (Strangethink)

These Monsters

"You are trapped in an infinite series of island museums, you can try and escape through the black doors but you are just getting yourself deeper into trouble." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac, Linux)