Silence In The Mist (Peng Bi Tao)

Silence In The Mist


"This is an adventure game that also has a lot of other element such as maze, act, feeling, puzzle. The music and the enviroment will change by player's action.
And the player must find how to play and feel the game all by himeself. There is an end, the only End. If the end appear, game ends. There are many dead area that will make player cannot approach the End. And if you get there, you have no choice but restart. But the you can get back to sometime before at any time.
This game now contain a main mission and one hided area." - Author's description

Why play it? Silence In The Mist is one of my favorite exploration games. It's one I'd rather not spoil. So I'll just say that it starts off slow, begins to build a mystery with elusive architecture, and by the end it plummets into bizarre and chaotic forms. You just need to walk through it, taking it all in, although there is some tricky platforming to master too, which isn't its greatest moment (I wouldn't blame you for giving up).

When you start playing, you'll be left to wander through a bare forest for a few minutes. Many people abandon the game before getting to the other side. But you will be rewarded for your patience. If you need further convincing, there's a video below that demonstrates the very first part of the game. - Chris

Download here (Windows)

Devlog with more screenshots