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"There is a certain time, in either the very distant past or future, in which the universe is mostly empty.

There is a being living there by the name of Mitch, and you control him on what appears to be a normal day for him as he travels around. You later find out that you need to do errands for your two friends, the Galax brothers." - Author's description

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Music in video: Evil Eye Genie by Gridwalk Labs http://gridwalk.net/


"Genocide Dolphins is a surreal journey of discovery in the mould of a traditional FPS. Players are tasked with fixing up a planet which has turned evil due to a mysterious computer malfunction.

The player must collect Chillies to increase their ‘Scoville Rank’ – giving them access to a modem which has been fused into their spine. Once the player gains access they can teleport around the world, access the mainframe and ultimately rid the planet of evil by solving the system problems." - Author's description

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I Saw my Soul


"The game is a little adventure, but with the combat system (yet another fight). Game world until pustovat, but affected by the lack of time and effort. But I think that without this bad happened." - Translator's description

Why play it? That I Saw my Soul is only available in Russian adds to the experience (if you can't read Russian). I suspect that even with the added context the dialogue may bring it would still make little sense, and that works in its favor.

The ordinary beginnings of this short adventure are interrupted momentarily with a jolting audiovisual distortion that leads to a quick and unexpected bout of puking on the protagonist's part. Seconds later, the quiet status quo is smashed suddenly and violently. It's certainly shocking.

While I Saw my Soul can be praised for its oscillating structure -- jerking between soothing and disturbing at all times -- it's the sounds and music that really impressed me. The warmth of the analog synthesizers make for moments of mouth-opening wonder. While clean crunches and bass warbles make the horrorfying surreality all the more fierce.

That said, the game's single moment of combat went on for too long. But it didn't matter too much in the end.

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"fictions is a small exploration and stealth game. fictions, is the first build from Somewhere. It is auxiliary to Somewhere, and is in-itself a complete story.

This build contains numerous allusions to the story, “The Approach to Al-Mu’Tasim” by Luis Borges. this story can be found in a collection called Fictions." - Author's description

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"A surreal, exploration, horror RPG. Travel between new (old) worlds and uncover new (old) mysteries with your new (old) friends! " - Author's Description

Why fund it? Firstly, a game 80% funded in the first 24 hours of its campaign has to be something special. Then again, if you're fond of surreal experiences, flashing colors, and gameplay that revolves aroud the good old turn-based combat system, OMORI is definitely a no-brainer. A demo is on its way and soon to be released, too. - Luca

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