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Automata Empire (Nonadecimal Creative)

"Inspired by Conway’s Game of Life, Automata Empire challenges you to herd hundreds of mindless automata to smash your rivals’ castles and steal their territory." - Author's description

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Over My Dead Body

"In OMDB you play as Noel Brody, a former scientist for the evil “Mortiga Consolidated” who after protesting the use of her work as a weapon is subjected to it herself. Now as a twice dead creature of the night she must fight her way through the “Mortiga Consolidated” headquarters in order to: find a cure for her affliction, reclaim her experiment, and maybe even have time for a little revenge." - Author's description

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Fort Meow

"You find an interesting journal in the attic written by your late grandfather and decide to check it out….Only to be interrupted by CATS! A whole bunch of them. You take decisive action and build a pillow fort out of furniture to keep them at bay while you try to decipher the mysterious stories within the book." - Author's description

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