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"Not a .ZIP; not a.RAR, not a .7zip, Dark Soul.ACE the only one approuved for your grand'ma by Barrak Obama himself. Please don't be mad, take a kebab with white sausage and THE FURNITURES." - Author's description

Note: A previous French language-only version of the game can be found on RPG-Maker.fr from 2010.

Download here (Windows)

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"A Man. A world bathing in peace. Near Immortality, all loved ones died. What makes a man choose to live? What does he have to live for? Join the hero's journey of self-discovery as he makes goes through his past recollections as a celebrated slayer of the mythical beast, and makes a desicion that will change the way he looks at the world....forever." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Windows)


"There is a certain time, in either the very distant past or future, in which the universe is mostly empty.

There is a being living there by the name of Mitch, and you control him on what appears to be a normal day for him as he travels around. You later find out that you need to do errands for your two friends, the Galax brothers." - Author's description

Download here (Windows)