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Black Spot

"The Black Spot is a round scrap of paper, black on one side, used as a warning or message among pirates. In a powerful scene, the mutineers present Long John Silver with a Black Spot to remove him from command, but the pirates lack any paper except for a Bible. Silver recognizes the paper as a page from Revelations ("...Without are murderers and dogs..."), and calls them all fools for cutting a Bible and bringing a curse upon themselves.

The game is an effort to illustrate both the power and fragility of a single scrap of paper with a few written words (or in the case of the treasure map, three X's). " - Author's description

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Cyrano the Hothead (noir)


"A short game made with love for the Public Domain Game Jam based on the play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand. You take on the role of Cyrano just after he joins the the Guard in Paris, and follow him through battles and duels as he grows into the proud Gascon we meet in the play." - Author's description

Why play it? Because we can all use more references to classic literature, that's why! - Gnome

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