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The Sea Will Claim Everything (Jonas & Verena Kyratzes, Chris Christodoulou)

"The Fortunate Isles are in trouble! The sinister Lord Urizen is using the economic crisis to impose his cruel policies on the people, and all the local politicians seem to be in his thrall. Meanwhile, the ancient biotechnological dwelling known as Underhome is facing foreclosure, and its inhabitants don't even know why. Desperate for help, The Mysterious-Druid, scion of the Mysterious-Druid family and caretaker of Underhome, creates a magical portal that will allow you to interact directly with the Lands of Dream." - Author's description

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A Postcard From Afthonia (Jonas and Verena Kyratzes)  

"Once upon a time, two seemingly different creatures decided to have a baby. (Such things are possible in the Lands of Dream.) But it was a time of revolution and war, and they were worried about their baby’s future, so they asked you to help them seek the wisdom of the Oracle…" - Author's description

Why play it? It's too beautiful in too many ways to ignore. - Gnome

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The Fabulous Screech (Jonas Kyratzes, Verena Kyratzes)  

"Your partner has bought you a ticket for the season’s last performance by The Fabulous Screech and His Trained Humans, so you travel to Oddness Standing to see this unique show…" - Author's description

Why play it? You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll think and get to visit the oddest circus of Oddness Standing. - Gnome

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The Matter of the Great Red Dragon (Jonas Kyratzes)


"As is written in the Book of the Carvings of Narm, every one hundred years the Great Red Dragon rises from his lair in the Clawed Mountain, and descends with terrible fire on all the people of the Land of Plenty; and there is no hope of peace unless the beast is defeated by seven brave champions, to be banished once more into the unholy darkness of the Abyss, where the Darkest of All Evils dwells in eternal, writhing hatred." - Author's description

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