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Experiment 26

"By: Richard Perrin, Lyndsey Moulds, Mattias Gustavsson, Kyle Reimergartin, Jonathan Brodsky, Ian MacLarty, Rob Fearon, terrytheplatypus, Lee Shang Lun, Tom Smith, Blueberry Soft, Matthew Gatland, mchaza, Eddie Cameron, empty fortress, Nicholas Ralabate, Sergio Cornaga, James Earl Cox III, Nik Sudan, nuuup, Lance James, Michael Lawrence, Jimmy Andrews, John Bujalski, Guilherme Tows, and Armel Gibson" - Author's description

Author's note: "A FOLLOW-UP TO - EXPERIMENT 12 -"

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Garügol: Lord of Shadows, executively appointed Arch Duke of the pyramid realm

"Garugol (Lord of Shadows) got the big promotion and is now the new executively appointed Arch Duke of the pyramid realm." - Author's description

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