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"“KWAAN is a Tribally Multiplayer Online Game which requires several dozens of players to play together towards the same goals." - Author's Description

Why play it? It's a bold move to go multiplayer with an adventure game and the endearing Kwaan has more than just a few ideas to make it worth the risk.

Buy the early-access from Steam for $6.99 - (Windows, Mac)

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Helmin & Gur

"Helmin & Gur is a co-op platformer in which one player takes the control of Helmin the puffin, while the other takes control of Gur the wolf.

A flight across the ditch goes horribly wrong which lands both Helmin and Gur on a deserted island, armed with nothing but their own hands. In order to escape, players will have to put their heads together, co-operate as one and work in conjunction to brave the island, collect stranded plane parts and reconstruct a new plane to help Helmin and Gur off the island.

Will you harness Helmin's superior speed and agility to overcome obstacles, or take control of Gur for his brute strength?" - Author's description

Download on Game Jolt (Windows)