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The 7 Genre Bundle (Bad Dog Studios)  

"This month I’m doing it a bit differently.

This month there’s not one game. There’s 7.

4 of them are available below, 1 I previously made for a Ludum Dare earlier in the year and I have improved it and 2 are completely new for this bundle."

Notes: This freeware bundle contains a point-and-click adventure, a FPS, a maze game, a platform shooter, a puzzle platformer, a puzzler and a driving game. Though absolutely free to download and play, the author would appreciate it if you donated to the Samaritans.

Download it here (Windows)

Sherlock Holmes vs Dr Frankenstein (Bad Dog Studios)


"On a dark and stormy night Sherlock Holmes is driving through the Austrian countryside with his trusty companion Dr. Watson. However their vehicle breaks down. Seeing a light on in a not-too-distant castle, Holmes strikes out. Even armed with his trusty revolver he will not be prepared for the horrors lurking within the walls of Castle Frankenstein… The game is a First Person Shooter (my first) and contains 7 levels. Discretion advised – this game contains gory scenes." - Author's Description

Download here (Windows)