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X-Force (Richard Bayliss, Psytronik)

"It has been discovered the planet Darx is rich in minerals that Earth needs to use to construct a shield to protect our planet from a possible alien invasion. You are sent on a mission to the planet Darx to extract the minerals we desperately need for our planetary defence shield." - Author's description

Download on itch.io (Commodore 64)

Note: You will need a C64 emulator like VICE to play the game.

CANDY BATH - Tequila Edition


"It's a CiNcO DE MAYO Piñata PARTY! (A day late NOW) You are invited to our tequila dungeon. You play a cute little robot with a bamboo stick and jumping legs. An alien vessel has been causing mischief. Don't worry, they are at your party and they will hold the candy filled unicorn for you in a teasing but pleasing way.

Use the arrows to run and jump up. X - is for your stick attack." - Author's description

Why play it? Stick with the first screen (smash everything that moves), because then the tequila starts flowing and the party gets going. - Chris

Play here (Browser)

Ghost Story


"Play as the White Exorcist to explore the untold story of ghosts. Unleash the Sense of Truth to reveal secrets and hidden traps." - Author's description

Why play it? It's a hectic action platformer. It includes infinite waves of enemies, colorful visuals, and an entertaining boss fight which will most likely challenge even the most careful player. The spacebar unleashes your power of determining whether something's just a mere mirage. But you need to manage your MPs well if you wish to constantly spot the many traps. -Luca

Play here (Browser)