Super Cyborg (Artur Games)

Super Cyborg


"So, after a long hiatus Super Cyborg is back! And this time he's bigger and stronger than ever!)
New demo consists of two levels" - Translator's description

Why play it? Super Cyborg is heavily inspired by Contra and, as such, the levels are designed to be learned by means of replaying them. It's a solid run 'n' gunner that encourages you to keep moving and to stay aware of attacks from all angles and heights. It's retro arcade hard, even on the Easy difficulty, which is either a turn-on or a turn-off depending on your preferences. - Chris

Note: This is a 2-level demo of Super Cyborg. It supports single player and 2-player co-op.

Player 1 controls: Basic shooting: D Alternative shooting: F Jump: S Move: Arrows Start: Enter

Player 2 controls: Basic shooting: K Alternative shooting: L Jump: J Move: Numpad 4,5,6, 8 Start: Numpad Enter

Download the demo here (Windows, Mac, Linux)