LongStory (Bloom Digital Media)



"LongStory is a game about surviving your teen years. When the previous owner of Locker 1224 mysteriously disappeared, you were left holding the only clues.

As a new student to the truly bizarre Weasel Heights, you must navigate the school’s social landscape through your decisions and conversations. Make new friends and face old enemies to work out exactly what happened - and if there’s anything you can do to put it right.

If you work up the nerve to ask your crush on a date, there are five romanceable characters in LongStory: Two girls, two boys, and one… well, you’ll have to wait and see.

So can I date whoever I want?

Yes! LongStory is a queer-positive game. Well, you can’t date your mom, or your brother or the principal... But then again, would you really want to?" - Author's description

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