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You are standing in a cave... (Caroline Berg)

"... you do not know how you got here. The last thing you remember is going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Perhaps you were drugged. Perhaps you had a bad case of food poisoning and wandered off, feverish, into the outskirts of town. Whatever the case may be, you are here now. Wherever here is. And you want to leave." - Author's description

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Ether  (Mathbrush)

"For the first time in centuries, something is different. Your tentacles tingle as you float to the east past icebergs and whirlwinds. You skirt a pocket of hot air, bounce through a field of ice, and finally come upon a massive stormcloud filling the sky to the east." - Author's description

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And Yet It Moves (Orion)  

"It is 1630's Florence, and you are an assistant to Galileo. Galileo is under house arrest from the Church, who do not wish for him to have his views in the public eye. He has tasked you with smuggling his book out of the country to get it published." - Author's description

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Download the Gargoyl interpreter here (Windows, Mac, Linux)