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Hypnospace Enforcer

"It is 2114. People wear ugly pink electronic headbands while sleeping to access Hypnospace, a persistent online world where your slumber becomes an exciting adventure. Because it is the future, there are all kinds of insane colors and sounds going nuts smacking you in the butt at all times.

Some citizens of Hypnospace don't play by the rules. It is your job as an Enforcer to bring them to justice. Don your sharpest psychedelic cop uniform and send scumbag outlaws packing in this thrilling arcade microgame. " - Author's description

Purchase for $1.99 on itch.io (Windows)


"Set in the fictional, privately owned 52nd state of America called ‘New Royale’, Destruction the Destroyer, a soldier of the Secret Order of the Black Seraphim is in possession of a modern day Pandora’s Box. She’s racing to reach a secret location where the box will be opened and calamity unleashed upon the state of New Royale." - Author's description

Purchase for $1.99 on the App Store (iOS)

Coming soon to Google Play (Android)