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Volatile Triangle (traxxgames)  

"Volatile Triangle is physics based platformer where movement is limited to blasting yourself around, no walking here! The objective is to collect all the blue points opening the portal to the next level and then enter the portal, sounds easy right? Volatile Triangle will test your abilities to manipulate this little triangle to max, not only because death is around every corner but also to beat your best score. Featuring a vibrant soundtrack and crisp bright graphics VT is sure to keep you comming back to shave off those last few moves." - Author's description

Download on GameJolt (Windows, Mac, Linux)



"In Berserker you're a mighty barbarian suffering from anger management issues. Your inner rage boils away just beneath the surface, and can be unleashed at any moment!" - Author's description

Why play it? A physics-based sidescrolling slasher where dying is much more enjoyable than slaying demons wielding your two greatswords. The outcomes can be truthfully hilarious if you manage to protect your head for long enough. -Luca

Play it here (Browser)

Download it here (Windows)



"Help Malisse along, make sure her path stays clear so that she and her rabbit buddies may pass unscathed!" - Author's description

Author's note: "Malisse is a two-player cooperative game played with two controllers, or single-player with a single controller. You could also play it two players on the same controller! Check out the title screen for more information about the controls."

Download on itch.io (Windows, Mac)