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Brain Guzzlers from Beyond!  (Steph Cherrywell)

"You are Bonnie Noodleman, Ordinary Well-Adjusted Teen-Ager, on an ordinary well-adjusted drive up Make-Out Mountain--until some gooey monstrosity from beyond the stars guzzles your boyfriend's brains clean out of his head! Jeepers, what a pickle! Can you convince the townsfolk you're not koo-koo, or is your thinker next on the alien menu?" - Author's description

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Gargoyle interpreter

And Yet It Moves (Orion)  

"It is 1630's Florence, and you are an assistant to Galileo. Galileo is under house arrest from the Church, who do not wish for him to have his views in the public eye. He has tasked you with smuggling his book out of the country to get it published." - Author's description

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