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"One simple objective - protect the core.

You are your worst enemy in this hectic, retro-style arcade anti-shooter made for the #lowrezjam. Avoid your own steady stream of bullets while collecting core stabilizers to earn points. Every five stabilizers collected will rebuild your shield but will it be enough to survive? Not likely..." - Author's description

Play on Game Jolt (Browser)

double drop


"double drop is a fast paced minimal looking action arcade game inspired by long nights out in Tokyo, designed specifically for the iPad." - Author's description

Why play it? If you've ever enjoyed the simple delight that is playing pachinko then you'll love double drop. But it's much more than a digital version of pachinko due to the introduction of a second player.

You each drop your balls from either end of the iPad into the cluttered space between you. The idea is to collect triangles with your ball and take them to the opposite side to score. But if one of their balls collides with yours they'll steal your triangle.

It adds the need to read your opponent, and if you're playing with two people on the same device, you can probably expect some silent stand-offs, and then fits of giggles. - Chris

Purchase on the App Store for $1.99 (iPad)

Official website (Seriously, check this out)