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channel hopping


"broadcasting on all known frequencies" - Author's description

Why play it? Channel hopping is like watching a television set that fell from the sky. You tune into weird dimensions that blip and whir with rugged color, glitch-like images, and abstract forms. You only need to watch and change the channel with the Space bar when you feel like it. - Chris

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"the dolphin virus spreads through and corrupts active memory, ravaging programs and data alike. the decentralised networks have been hit harder than any other and will soon suffer total memory corruption.

in desperation, the spread of corruption has halted by deactiving core memory, rendering entire systems impassable and hence their resident programs unusable.

sources in the scene have, at great personal cost, siphoned a military-grade antivirus program that can be our only hope for eradicating the virus - providing its sophisticated layers of encryption can be broken.

we must now make our last stand, reactivate and scour dormant system memory, seek decryption programs, unlock and run the anti-virus to eradicate the dolphin virus." - Author's description

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