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The Loudest Ballerina


"Your dad gives you specially hand made ballet shoes made of steel. After he requests you wear them at your next dance recital, you overhear your instructor telling the story of a monstrous creature buried beneath the ballet studio.

Now you must perform, making as little noise as possible with your steel shoes, while still attempting to please your father with your performance..." - Author's description

Download here (Windows)

Download here (Windows)

Cave Harrier


"Fly through dark caves and over scorched rock as you head beneath the surface of a doomed world!

If you've played Space Harrier, you know exactly what you're getting in to. If not, the game is easy enough to pick up: you fly around, shoot the monsters, and dodge the pillars of things that smash into you. There are three stages, the entire game is a short trip around 5 or so minutes." - Author's description

Play here (Browser)