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"Two sticks, one fish, some flashing lights. Death Ray Manta is, quite definitely, a videogame in the purest sense. Rejigged, rebuilt, remastered for Steam in the year of our Molyneux 2015." - Author's description

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Over the past year and a half, a small digital store called itch.io has grown in popularity among small game developers. It's easy-to-use, pays creators the money earned from their game sales directly and without taking a cut, and allows them to customize their own game pages.

It also supports game jam hosting, regularly features free games, and allows users to create their own collections of games on the store.

Everyone here at Warp Door visits itch.io regularly, some of us every day, in order to find the weird and unusual games that we aim to share on this website. So it seemed right to find out a little more about the store from the horse's mouth. That is, from itch.io's founder, Leaf Corcoran.

In the interview below, Leaf talks about his original vision for itch.io and what it has since become, how the website and store is operated and how much it costs to run each month, and he also picks out a few games that he thinks deserve more attention.