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Notice Me Detective (Right, Left Click)  

"Notice Me Detective is a first-person adventure/mystery/exploration comedy game. The year is 1958. Step into the shoes of Detective Buh, a private investigator at the Golden Fish Agency, as he is tasked to investigate crime scenes. Get reports from possible eyewitnesses, interact with the environment to find clues, provide help to victims or bystanders and draw your final conclusion for the crime. You only have in your possession your wits so use them wisely." - Author's description

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Detective Chirpums: Private Investigator

"They say the city's a roost for every bird.

Detective Chirpums is more than happy to disagree with that. Almost as much as he is downing a bottle of Grackle's Finest in one sitting.

He's the city's best detective. He's the city's only detective. Because someone had to.

And he's got a new case. It's his only chance at paying rent for the month. And not unlike too many of his cases, this one comes with a dame in sheep's clothing." - Author's description

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Vile Halicarnassus

"Felix and Jay: the city's two best detectives.

Not without a few secrets of their own and a hell of a lot of coffee, the two do what sleuths do best: solve mysteries no one else will touch with a thirty foot electrical pole." - Author's description

Author's note: "This was made for a personal 48-hour game jam. It's a mystery visual novel with a little bit of puzzle-solving mixed in."

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