tagged : dark

Tower of Babel

"Tower of Babel is an atmospheric randomly generated metroidvania puzzle platformer. Try to climb up as high as possible." - Author's description

Author's note: "This game is still in development. Feedback is welcome.

You can use the feedback thread here to tell us what you think."

Download on itch.io (Windows, Linux)



"Lophiij is a game about exploration on the ocean floor. You can only navigate the great ruins when your light is on.
The angler fish can only see you when your light is on." - Author's description

Why play it? Lophiij is a terse exercise in managing terror. You play a small fish exploring ruins at the bottom of the ocean in search of white orbs. The shallow light you emit allows you to see what's around you in a small radius, but walls and corners hold surprise.

You're not alone. There are much larger angler fish that will try to eat you. They're bloated and slow, but can bash down the walls you have to swim around, which can be used to your advantage.

Your only way of escaping the angler fish is to turn off your light because they can't see in the dark. Unfortunately, nor can you. This means that you may find yourself paddling around in the dark, nervous, and no idea where you are. - Chris

Download on Game Jolt (Windows)