Cultist Simulator: Prologue (Alexis Kennedy)

"Cultist Simulator is a single-player digital board game of mystery, experimentation and self-destruction from Alexis Kennedy, the instigator of Fallen London, Sunsless Sea and Dragon Age: The Last Court." - Author's description

Download Prologue on (Windows, Mac, Linux)

"Neo-San Francisco, 2064 AD. Your life as a struggling journalist is interrupted by the world’s first sapient machine, a ROM (Relationship and Organizational Manager) named Turing. Together, you and the quirky robot will encounter a colorful cast of locals and overcome challenges as you uncover the city’s secrets behind the overlapping futures of technology and humanity" - Author's description

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Official website

Lucid Fate: Poems Between Worlds (EggManZ)

"Lucid Fate is a WIP game about a creature coming to terms with the fact that it does not have free will. Poems Between Worlds is a book of poetry used in this game to convey the barrier between conscious and subconscious ideas. Both are completely foreign to a creature that cannot think but merely act." - Author's description

Download on (Windows)

Stair Quest: Special Edition (No More For Today Productions)

"Welcome back to Stair Quest! Our new Special Edition returns to the enchanted land of Castle’s Wood, where Devon and Ingrid will quest through two gorgeous new levels of deadly, deadly stairs. Also be on the lookout for improved animation, new music, a massively expanded text parser, and maybe even an unexpected surprise or two." - Author's description

Note: It is, indeed, a special edition of the game we had already covered. Enjoy. It's so very special.

Download on GameJolt (Windows, Mac, Linux)

A Road to Awe (lectronice)

"A Road to Awe is a kind of intimate year-long game jam, with a focus on level design and ambient music. The game itself offers a contemplative first-person experience. You simply walk the road, one day at a time, wondering what comes next." - Author's description

Download on (Windows, mac, Linux)

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Warp Door has found and shared 768 games throughout 2016. That's a lot, and there's still plenty that we have missed and are slowly getting around to playing, in hopes of recommending them in the future.

We've been doing monthly round-ups to try to break that mass of games down further. Continuing that effort, as we're at the end of 2016, we've got our most frequent contributors to choose their favorite games that Warp Door covered over the past year.

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