A Fracture In The Bone


"I made a new twine game this morning. Its about Irish heritage and having never seen fireflies. Its about feeling the weight of your ancestors in your bones, yet yearning to be part of the soul of another land." - Author's description


Why play it? The conflict between ancestry and place of being that emerges within a person and can be the result of familial immigration is equated to an uncertainty, as if that person is forever in transition.

Niall achieves this feeling by having you flit through strings of evocative words that describe places, cultures, and rituals, but never knowing which is the 'right' one. Of course, there isn't a right answer at all. That your choices are many and unclear in purpose is the point, making you feel uncertain throughout. The narrator is between their ethnic descent and modern culture, struggling to belong fully to either.

The last screen's abruptness and lack of interaction is particularly brilliant within its context, and a fitting end. - Chris


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